In the Middle of a Thermostat War?

In the Middle of a Thermostat War?

Offering mini-split HVAC installation services in Lacey & Olympia, WA

Does the thermostat setting have your family up in arms? APR Heating and Air LLC can restore peace in your home with our mini-split HVAC installation services in Lacey & Olympia, WA. This heating and cooling system will give you the power to control the temperature in individual rooms. No more fighting. No more sneaking around. And definitely no more guarding the thermostat. All you need to do is set it and forget it. It's that easy.

The full setup takes about three to four hours to install. We use Daikin mini-splits, and wall mounts, ceiling mounts and floor mounts are available.

Looking to install a mini-split in your office? We offer commercial mini-split HVAC installations as well. Contact APR Heating and Air LLC today to schedule an appointment.

Mini-splits: are they worth it?

Wondering if installing a mini-split HVAC is really worth the change? Our clients have seen the benefits that come from our mini-split HVAC installation services.

Unlike central heating and air, mini-split units:

  • Are better financial options for homes without existing ductwork
  • Use fewer watts per hour even at its highest cooling capacity
  • Can be used to heat your house if connected to a furnace or heat pump
  • Allow climate control for different rooms in your house or office
  • Are quieter than many central heating and air units

Need a commercial mini-split HVAC installation? These units can be installed in any house or business. Email us for more information.