Keep Out the Cold

Keep Out the Cold

Get heat pump installation services in Lacey & Olympia, WA

Is your house starting to feel like you live with penguins? APR Heating and Air LLC can heat things up in Lacey & Olympia, WA. Our heat pump installation services will leave your house feeling warm, dry and cozy in no time.

Do you have a gas furnace and want AC? We can do a dual fuel heat pump installation. We use Goodman Heat Pumps that take up to a full day to install. Get started on this energy-saving installation. Feel free to call or send us an email with any questions.

How does a heat pump work?

When you experience the cold, wet winters of Olympia, WA, you want to make sure your house is dry and warm. Turn to APR Heating and Air LLC for heat pump installation services. Your new heat pump will...

  • Move heat instead of creating it - this saves you money on your electric bill
  • Work as an AC in warmer months - ask about dual fuel heat pump installation
  • Use electricity instead of fuel - this increases the safety of your home and family

You deserve a comfortable house all year long. Schedule an appointment today to get started.